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    We have purchased hundreds of semi-automatic sewing machines, cutting machines, ironing machines, perforating machines, plotters, and computers as our hardware infrastructure at the start. Afterwards, we purchased advanced drawing and platemaking software to improve the work efficiency of our technical department. In addition, we have also introduced an 8Mbps high-speed Internet access channel as well as WLAN and 3G wireless network to ensure that we can obtain information from and transfer information to the Internet in real time and efficiently. We use communication technologies to establish our internal data network to ensure secure, efficient, stable, and smooth internal data information, and we also use such advanced technologies as computer CAD, CAE, and CAPP in product design to improve our capability in R&D, benefits.


    digitization, and intelligentization. We make an effort to improve the Internet speed, establish a unique internal data communication network, and establish a paperless or automatic office system providing secure and convenient distribution of official documents and mails, so as to improve our work and management efficiency, save our time and cost, and create better